Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Have I mentioned before that I love peas, Cause I do. I brought a whole bowl full to work today but didn't get to eat them for lunch. I helped out with a Lunch at work and got to eat their food.

Back to the peas....Well now it's time to go home and I am thinking....should I take the peas home with me or should I save them for tomorrow's lunch?

Well since Danny doesn't like peas I guess I should just save them for tomorrow's lunch.

Now I have something to look forward to!

Oh and today was a lot better than yesterday. Go Me!

Are you eating anything good tonight?

Need some ideas? Check out some of my favorite food blogs....
( My sister in-laws blog)
Have a great Evening.


  1. We had roast beef sandwiches. They were really good. I love black eyed peas but can not stand English peas :(

  2. We had Stouffer's lasagna at 10:30 pm:( I love peas too - but I prefer them cold. Crazy I know.

    Thanks for plugging my blog! Oh, and I am glad your day was better today!