Thursday, February 17, 2011

My dirty secrets...

I am spilling all my dirty secrets, well not all of them but some of them......Wanna read on?

I don't wash my hair everyday - it actually looks better the day (or 2) after the initial washing.

I have hidden stashes of equal packets in my purse, wallet, car, desk and at home. It drives my husband crazy.

I hate throwing items away - I might be a hoarder - also drives my husband crazy.

I am not a good house keeper. I would much rather cook/bake then clean my house. I am a good cook

I iron all my clothes and kids clothes everyday - Thanks Mom

I often dream about taking a day vacation for just me to do whatever I wanted for the day. But then I feel guilty and know I would miss my two cute little girls.

I am addicted to Chocolate chip cookies. The subway guys know me personally and sometimes give me free cookies.

I want another baby - But really I want a baby Boy. Danny doesn't. I often cry about this topic! It will be a God thing!

I want to start dancing again.....let me finish! I want to take ballet and jazz classes.

I still have my wisdom teeth although I was told to get them out ( 7 years ago and 5 mths ago)

Ok now you know me a little better

Anything good I should know about you?....

1 comment:

  1. I have equal packets stashed too.

    I often cry because I want another baby, but I am not sure I can handle two.