Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sisterly Love

~The girls sharing their water~

Lilly is really starting to become a big girl. She is talking so well and is doing a great job of putting her words into a sentence. She still is having trouble making her C's sound like C's and not T's.

The other day she came into the Kitchen and told on Gracie who was apparently doing something wrong. I said Ok and left it at that. Well Lilly stood there and said, " You gonna spank her?" I laughed (to myself) and said no. Lilly then replied, "You want me to spank her?"
Is it bad that I wanted to say yes, then get out my flip camera and record it? Gotta love little kids.


  1. Love the changes you made to your Blog. Isn't Blogging fun? Our own little on-line journal.

    ~ Lisa ~

  2. That is so funny! Can't wait to see the girls on Saturday. Lilly especially is growing and changing every day!

  3. Thanks Lisa. I am still working on blog, just trying to make it more my style. I like your changes too!

    Thanks E! We are excited to see everyone too.

  4. That girl cracks me up! I love sharing all of you stories with Adam. He thinks the girls are pretty sweet too. :)

    I agree with mom... can't wait to see everybody on Saturday!