Thursday, February 17, 2011

I may regret this....

I have to admit I love me some Hollywood news. I love Tv and love movies so it's only makes sense that I follow their lives to see what they are doing. hehe

Anyway there was a big deal made about this photo....

The normally beautiful new star has gained lots of attention and popularity this year. She is a very pretty Colombian actress. She happens to be one of my new favorite actresses but I have to admit this is not a good picture. In all fairness I am sure she was walking straight to the hair and make-up trailer. And really wasn't expecting someone to take a picture of her.....Darn them!

So it inspired me to release my own Au naturale photo. Now clearly my photo won't be seen by the amount of views her picture had, nor would I want it to me but I thought it would be interesting.

No wonder my husband "leaves" for work early and in the :)

Would you release a natural photo of yourself?

It's only the Internet. haha!
I may regret this....

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  1. How brave of you!!! I don't think I could do it. I have to say I don't think you would scare anyone in the before shot, you are beautiful. Isn't the media cruel when they use the before shots of celebrities? That shot is usually followed by some horrible story that's totally made-up. Thanks for sharing! I don't think I could do it. :)