Thursday, February 24, 2011

Funny Gracie story

Last night the girls and I were playing with the Kitty. Gracie told her Daddy that she couldn't wait to go to school and bring Kitty to the Hotel.

Danny then looked at me weird and said "what is she talking about?"

Since I have a minor in foreign language and of course speak fluent toddler I interpreted it for him...

Me:"oh she means Show & Tell not Hotel!"

Did I tell you we named our kitty Nala like the girl lion off of The Lion King?

She is so sweet! And I absolutely love her. She has cured my "baby" hunger for now. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prayer List

Lately a lot of my friends and family members have been in need of prayer regarding special circumstances or illnesses. So I want to extend that to my blog family as well. So I am starting a prayer list because I know and have seen God do wonderful things in peoples lives.

You can list your prayer in detail or just a simple....please pray for my friend or family member.

I will then pray for your request.

You can also feel free to pray for the other requests on the page.

At night the girls and I always pray right before bed. They love it and so do I. There is something so wonderful about hearing a 4 year old and a 2 1/2 year old Pray to their Lord. It makes your heart melt. Cue the sweet little voices.....

We have been praying now for a couple of weeks for their grandpa who has been having eye problems.

Last night we prayed for my Bff's sister who had a grand mal seizure over the weekend.

Please feel free to add your request.

God is good!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sisterly Love

~The girls sharing their water~

Lilly is really starting to become a big girl. She is talking so well and is doing a great job of putting her words into a sentence. She still is having trouble making her C's sound like C's and not T's.

The other day she came into the Kitchen and told on Gracie who was apparently doing something wrong. I said Ok and left it at that. Well Lilly stood there and said, " You gonna spank her?" I laughed (to myself) and said no. Lilly then replied, "You want me to spank her?"
Is it bad that I wanted to say yes, then get out my flip camera and record it? Gotta love little kids.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I may regret this....

I have to admit I love me some Hollywood news. I love Tv and love movies so it's only makes sense that I follow their lives to see what they are doing. hehe

Anyway there was a big deal made about this photo....

The normally beautiful new star has gained lots of attention and popularity this year. She is a very pretty Colombian actress. She happens to be one of my new favorite actresses but I have to admit this is not a good picture. In all fairness I am sure she was walking straight to the hair and make-up trailer. And really wasn't expecting someone to take a picture of her.....Darn them!

So it inspired me to release my own Au naturale photo. Now clearly my photo won't be seen by the amount of views her picture had, nor would I want it to me but I thought it would be interesting.

No wonder my husband "leaves" for work early and in the :)

Would you release a natural photo of yourself?

It's only the Internet. haha!
I may regret this....

My dirty secrets...

I am spilling all my dirty secrets, well not all of them but some of them......Wanna read on?

I don't wash my hair everyday - it actually looks better the day (or 2) after the initial washing.

I have hidden stashes of equal packets in my purse, wallet, car, desk and at home. It drives my husband crazy.

I hate throwing items away - I might be a hoarder - also drives my husband crazy.

I am not a good house keeper. I would much rather cook/bake then clean my house. I am a good cook

I iron all my clothes and kids clothes everyday - Thanks Mom

I often dream about taking a day vacation for just me to do whatever I wanted for the day. But then I feel guilty and know I would miss my two cute little girls.

I am addicted to Chocolate chip cookies. The subway guys know me personally and sometimes give me free cookies.

I want another baby - But really I want a baby Boy. Danny doesn't. I often cry about this topic! It will be a God thing!

I want to start dancing again.....let me finish! I want to take ballet and jazz classes.

I still have my wisdom teeth although I was told to get them out ( 7 years ago and 5 mths ago)

Ok now you know me a little better

Anything good I should know about you?....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Background

Did you notice the new and improved background/header picture?

Don't' you just love it! I love the addition of the Western writing, it's very official.

All thanks to my BIL Brian! He is pretty talented. :)

Thanks B.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

4th Birthday Party

The Cowgirl birthday party was a success. The girls and me looked so cute in our cowgirl boots. hehe The food was great and then it was present opening time. This is went it started to go down hill ( or at least to me)

Gracie was being such a good sister allowing Lilly to help open presents.

The first present. A new pair of cools shoes that are just adorable. The have cute little rhinestones everywhere and are very sparkly.

Present 2 Movies. The girls love movies. And I was thankful that I no longer had to watch the Chipmunks the Squeakquel again.

Present 3 which should have waited to the end but Gracie was just ripping through everything - was a Scooter and helmet. Well the party was basically over after that b/c Gracie wanted nothing to do with all her cute spring clothes, dresses and such. She did get excited when she saw her jewelry box from Aunt Marcia but I forgot to snap a picture.

Pops putting on Gracie helmet while she tries to put on the knee pads.

Isn't her "My First Scooter" Adorable!

Lilly quickly jumps on the scooter when Gracie isn't watching.....

Let's Go!!!!

Happy birthday Gracie

Make a wish!

Now for a quick wardrobe change

Gracie is also featured here with her purse from Gigi. She got a wallet with really money and a picture of my grandma and grandpa ( Mem and Poppy) some chap stick/lip gloss a brush and a mirror.

Oh Good Lilly got the wardrobe memo too!

You look great in that helmet sissy!

And here she is on her actual Birthday.

Happy 4th Birthday Gracie!

Note: when I tucked her in she got out of bed and stood on her scooter and watched her new movie. I do believe that she might have slept in the helmet. Not sure b/c she woke up before I did and it was already on. You decide.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Sorry Fellow bloggers. I am trying to change up my blog up and add new things. I can't figure out how to get my pictures smaller for the background. Right now it is massive. :) lol

if you have any help to offer please feel free!

New Addition to the Family...

I am so excited to tell you that we have a new addition in our household!

This is Lilly holding the cat at Christmas. I promise she wasn't really choking her!

Well we don't actually have her yet but we will this weekend.

A few months ago a scrawny almost dead kitten walked into my dad's radiator shop. It was abandoned and neglected. He knew he could either feed it or let it die. He also knew the minute he fed her she would never leave him. But he did it anyway. She turned into the "Shop" cat. That was until it started getting cold over night. So my dad and his brother would take turns taking her home on the weekends. When the cat was at my dad's house her name was Mercedes.
When she was at Uncle Jr's house Aunt Marcia would call her Anna, Because she already has a cat whose name in Indy ( Indy Anna) :) My sister who is a huge animal lover would also take turns kitty sitting. She would call the cat Baby! My dad ended up bonding with the Kitty.
Unfortunately they are just too busy for a kitten, but the wanted it to stay in the family. Well i think they knew how much the girls loved the kitty and asked us to take her!

Well now it's our turn and we want to rename her. She is still a kitten so I don't think it's a big deal. Have any good kitten names?
I am so excited to have her in our house. I love cats and terribly miss my old cat Socks. Who is by the way, the best cat ever. Until he started peeing all over the floor right before I Gracie was born.
My girls love her so much and talk about her all the time. I just hope her and Marley - the dog get along. Marley is a good Lab and is very friendly, it's the Cat I am worried about.

Maybe I will have some cute cat stories to blog about in the near future!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Have I mentioned before that I love peas, Cause I do. I brought a whole bowl full to work today but didn't get to eat them for lunch. I helped out with a Lunch at work and got to eat their food.

Back to the peas....Well now it's time to go home and I am thinking....should I take the peas home with me or should I save them for tomorrow's lunch?

Well since Danny doesn't like peas I guess I should just save them for tomorrow's lunch.

Now I have something to look forward to!

Oh and today was a lot better than yesterday. Go Me!

Are you eating anything good tonight?

Need some ideas? Check out some of my favorite food blogs....
( My sister in-laws blog)
Have a great Evening.

Yesterday's Mess...

I allocated 5 pieces of Dove Chocolate for the work week. 1 for each day. Yesterday afternoon I had already eaten 4 pieces. Dang it! I have no self control.

Well needless to say I didn't have a good afternoon. And I am already wanting this week to be over. I hate wishing my life away. I will be happy on Friday. It's payday and Saturday is my Gracie's 4th Birthday Party. She wanted a Cowgirl Party, so I am so excited to wear my Cowgirl boots.

Boots that Danny bought me years ago and I think I have only worn 2 or 3 times. Just not something City girls wear.

~My family in boots~

I hope today is better.

I stopped to get a $.75 fountain pop, I'm getting there!
A New Dawn a New Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dove Chocolate

One thing I like about the Month of February is all the chocolate. I am a woman's woman and I love me some chocolate. And I will hardly ever pass it up, even gamble chocolate....("Hmm... this could either be really good or really nasty... CRAP, I got the toothpaste filled one!" -Jim Gaffigan)

Well I have really been loving me some Dove Chocolate lately. I also like the little hidden quote or messages inside. Today's message was Remember your first Crush. Well I have to share....

Micheal McKinney, 1st grade, b/c in Kindergarten boys were Yucky.

Michael McKinney, dirty blonde hair with a cool rat tail. He had baby blue eyes. I remember sitting in Mrs. Perkins-Gale 1st grade classroom, just dreaming about him. Then one day my best friend Lyndsey told me she had a crush on him! No!!!! So I did exactly what every 1st grader would do. I started chasing him around the playground at recess. One day I asked him if he wanted to help me across the giant Caterpillar. Yep you guessed it that day forward he was head over heels for me...oh the memories!

Was your first crush as awesome as mine? :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday

It's almost game day, do you have any big plans? Are you cheering for a specific team? Today I accidentally wore Green and Yellow. The Steeler fans at my work weren't happy. I told them that it wasn't b/c I was cheering for GB b/c I seriously couldn't care less. The Colts are my only team, if they aren't playing I only watch the Superbowl for the commercials, halftime show and for all the great food.
So what are you eating this Sunday? What are your favorite eats/treats

I found these and they look Delicious

Or this

Apparently the top 3 food items are Wings, Pizza and Specialty dips. I have a good recipe for Buffalo Chicken dip so I might end up making that too. Although I might use actually buffalo dip instead of the hot sauce.